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ጤናአዳም ባህላዊ ህክምና – ባሕላዊ መድሓኒቶች – Ethiopian Traditional medicine

Bunna AppsHealth ጤናአዳም ባህላዊ ህክምና – ባሕላዊ መድሓኒቶች – Ethiopian Traditional medicine
ባሕላዊ መድሓኒቶች ጤናአዳም ባህላዊ ህክምና_Ethiopian Traditional medicine

Ethiopian Traditional medicine

Tena Adam Ethiopian Traditional medicine and Cultural Homemade herbal Medicine.
Ethiopian Traditional medicine
This Application Ethiopian traditional medicine focuses on more than 50 diseases and medicinal plants found in Ethiopian Areas and shows the way how we can use it.

This Mobile Application contain Ethiopian Traditional Medicines And Homemade Herbal Medicine.

This Mobile these medications are mostly from the type of vegetables we eat, variety of fruits, spices, and essential home-based ingredients.
You can Get Full Information about Health.

TENA ADAM Means Famous Ethiopian Cultural Herbal medicinal Plant.

How to Treat Our Health by Ethiopian Traditional Herbal Medicine and Home Remedies we Prepared by Ethiopian Language.

Application Prepared for All Ethiopian People who can Read and Spoken Amharic Language, May be Diaspora or Local.

It works Offline (without Internet) anyone can use these Apps.

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