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ድብርት እና ጭንቀትን ለመከላከል- How to Prevent Bad Mood & Depression

Bunna AppsHealth ድብርት እና ጭንቀትን ለመከላከል- How to Prevent Bad Mood & Depression
ድብርት እና ጭንቀትን ለመከላከል

How to Improve Bad Mood
How to Fight Depression?

This Application Indicates The way to Fight Depression and How to Improve Bad Mood Prepared by Ethiopian Amharic Language.

This Fight Depression Tips are useful and Short Explanation Prepared by attractive Design, anyone can use this Mobile Application that can Read and Talk by Amharic Languages.

Improve Your Mood – For Ethiopian Peoples, Ethiopian Modern Life tips, Overcome Depression Medical Tips, for Ethiopian Diaspora Community, Ethiopian Love, Ethiopian culture and Economy, Happy Life for Ethiopian Model and athletes, for all Ethiopians.

It works Offline (without Internet) anyone can use these Apps.
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